Diamond Leo Earring


Color - 14K Yellow

Color - 14K Rose

Color - 14K White

Will require 2-3 Weeks to be produced
  • Sold individually or as a pair
  • Offered in 14K yellow, rose or white gold
  • Measurement 7mm
  • 21 SI1 diamonds, 0.063 total carat weight
  • Will require 2 - 3 weeks to be produced

Fill a small container halfway with hydrogen peroxide and let sit for twenty minutes, or overnight if they are heavily soiled. Remove the earrings from the solution and use a small jewelry brush to remove any leftover grime. Rinse earrings carefully under warm water and place them on a clean cloth to dry.

The sign is known for their flair for drama, as well as their generous and loyal heart. Recall Leo is ruled by the sun, which makes this fixed fire sign life of the party and the lover of the spotlight. Although they crave attention, they are always ones to stand by the side of their friends through thick and thin. 

July 23 - August 22

Will require 3 - 4 weeks to be produced
Diamond Leo Earring
Diamond Leo Earring

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