Mini Pisces Earring


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  • Available in 14K Yellow Gold
  • Approximately 4mm x 5mm
  • Sold individually or as a pair
14k Gold

Our Fine jewelry is meant to be lived in and loved. Our 14k gold jewelry can be worn in the shower, pool and while working out. As gold is a naturally soft material chains can stretch over time or when pulled. We suggest removing your jewelry when there is a risk of it being pulled. Gold and diamond jewelry can be cleaned using a combination of gentle dish soap, warm water and a cleaning cloth.

*Although rare, sometimes individual body chemistries can react with the metal and cause a reaction. Pregnancy, thyroid disorders, hormone levels, medications and more can affect body alkalinity versus acidity, and may cause a reaction with your piece.

Pisces is traditionally ruled by the planet Jupiter, who’s known for luck. The modern ruler is Neptune, who’s a dreamer and visionary. This beautiful water sign has a sensitive and psychic nature, which can transcend time. The mystical fish is known for its loving and imaginative mind that inspires others to embrace their innate talents. 

February 19 - March 20

In-stock item. Ships within 1-2 business days.

Mini Pisces Earring
Mini Pisces Earring

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