White Gold Mini Diamond Chained Earring


Regular price $130.00

Color - 14K White

  • Sold individually
  • Offered in 14K yellow or white gold
  • Mini - SI1 diamond, .02 carat weight with 1" chain
  • Regular - SI1 diamond, .06 carat weight with 1" chain
  • Expected shipping 5 business days

Fill a small container halfway with hydrogen peroxide and let sit for twenty minutes, or overnight if they are heavily soiled. Remove the earrings from the solution and use a small jewelry brush to remove any leftover grime. Rinse earrings carefully under warm water and place them on a clean cloth to dry.

Something for everyone, our mini diamond chain earring is just daring enough to get noticed but quite enough to cause a stir. Simple and chic fashion jewelry at its FINEST. Sold separately and available in either 14K yellow or white gold because why cut corners when you can have it all.

Expected shipping 5 business days

Mini Diamond Chained Earring
Mini Diamond Chained Earring
White Gold Mini Diamond Chained Earring

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