Rocky barnes

Model and blogger Rocky Barnes will tell you “accessories are everything!!!!!” and we couldn’t agree more. Rocky has that effortless, vintage-inspired style influenced by people-watching and traveling all over the globe. But her favorite jewelry pieces are influenced by the people closest to her—her family.

Rocky became a skilled accessorizer at a young age, when she used to collect shells along the lake at her grandmother’s house and make shell necklaces. She would spend days making them and has had a love of jewelry ever since.
A new mom to a sweet little boy named Jones, Rocky’s life has “changed a LOT since having a child,” but in the most amazing way. “Motherhood gives you a whole new purpose in life. Our entire center of gravity has now shifted around Jones. The amount of love I feel for him is the best feeling!”

As for motherly advice, Rocky has curated several pointers from other moms, but two have really stuck with her. First from her own mom, who told her to always take a few minutes in the morning to get ready for the day before starting with the kids. After all, it’s important to take care of yourself too! The second, “trust your gut, it’s typically right. You know what’s best for your baby.”

Rocky's essentials