Being stuck at home with your S.O. and having nowhere to go, is making you both a little stir crazy. If you’re not attached, or quarantining alone, you may be craving an IRL gossip sesh with your friends over cocktails or scrumptious food from your favorite restaurant. Here’s the good news to your quandary: You can recreate the atmosphere from your favorite hangout in your home — if you get creative. As for your friends, you can have a FaceTime call with them and pretend that you’re at your fave bar sipping martinis over appetizers. If you’re with your S.O., then give each other a moment alone to destress or demand solo time alone (to take a bath or gab on the phone with your squad and family). Cabin fever is real — even if you’re madly in love with your boo. We all need a moment to chill alone!