Actress, producer and humanitarian, Gabriela Dias, admits her life has slowed down considerably since becoming a mom, but a simple day at home snuggling with her baby boy is what completes her.

“I love the little moments and milestones I get to experience with my babythe way he giggles uncontrollably when I give him belly kisses, the way he grabs my hand/finger, the peacefulness and comforting feeling to have my baby sleeping curled up on top of me.”

When it comes to style, Gabriela embraces a chic, sophisticated look, with her own casual twist. She looks to top fashion designers to keep her finger on the pulse of trends, including Carolina Herrera, Nicolas Ghesquière and Jonathan Anderson, to name a few.

The essence of Gabriela’s timeless elegance extends well beyond her closet. Her most sentimental pieces of jewelry include her stunning engagement ring and the first piece of jewelry she got to celebrate her baby—a delicate BYCHARI necklace spelling out his name, “Brian.”

It’s no surprise her favorite pieces represent two of the most important moments in her life. Gabriela has become a pro at weaving her personal life and impressive career into one beautiful day-to-day adventure.

“It’s important to not let go of what you love or have worked hard for prior to becoming a mother,” she says. “It’s about adapting to both lifestyles and making the best out of it!”