1, 2, 3, 4 you declare a tug of war in matters of the heart. This week is extra intense due to warrior planet Mars hitting your personal house of values, followed by expansive Jupiter, erratic Uranus, and illusive Neptune offering you contradicting and confusing passive sentiments around love. The roller coaster may seem exciting at first, but will prove dizzying midweek, as you’ll find that you crave consistency and certainty around love. Even though you’re intoxicated by a particular person, try to chill on the relationship before you push to make it official. The month pushes you to take your power back within relationships, lusting for control and dominance over others, which you’ll see is unrealistic. What you’re coming to learn is that you cannot control others, especially their emotions and feelings. Don’t force your crush to be trapped in a cage for two, let them have some freedom.