Diamond Gemini Earring


Color - 14K Yellow

Color - 14K Rose

Color - 14K White

Will require 2-3 Weeks to be produced
  • Sold individually or as a pair
  • Offered in 14K yellow, rose or white gold
  • Measurement 6.6mm
  • 20 SI1 diamonds, 0.06 total carat weight
  • Will require 2 - 3 weeks to be produced

Fill a small container halfway with hydrogen peroxide and let sit for twenty minutes, or overnight if they are heavily soiled. Remove the earrings from the solution and use a small jewelry brush to remove any leftover grime. Rinse earrings carefully under warm water and place them on a clean cloth to dry.

This twin star is ruled by Mercury, which means that they have a reputation for being more of a trickster than anything else. Upon a deeper look, Geminis are the givers and receivers of communication, the ones who ensure travel remains on point, also the facilitators of news and gossip. 

May 21 - June 20

Will require 3 - 4 weeks to be produced
Diamond Gemini Earring
Diamond Gemini Earring

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