Remi Necklace


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  • Gold-filled chain accented with a baroque pearl
  • Pearl measurements vary between 25mm-20mm x 16mm-14mm
  • Chain length approximately 18 in. (46cm) with a 16 in. (41cm) option
  • Hand made by our team in Los Angeles

Frequent cleaning is recommended to maintain its true beauty. We recommend removing your gold-filled jewelry before bathing, swimming, or using household cleaning products. Soaps, perfumes, natural oils and perspiration can also take a toll on your jewelry.

Wipe your jewelry carefully with a non-abrasive polishing or lens cloth to keep it clean and free of elements that oxidize. Daily cleaning is highly suggested.

*Although rare, sometimes individual body chemistries can react with the metal and cause a reaction. Pregnancy, thyroid disorders, hormone levels, medications and more can affect the PH levels within the body alkalinity versus acidity, and may cause a reaction with your piece.

The Kelli necklace is one of our most effortless pieces, and the Remi adds some romance to it, with a dangling baroque pearl in the middle. Equal parts cool and opulent, this necklace is so versatile.
Remi Necklace
Remi Necklace

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